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The keys for successful web video marketing in 2009


The Keys For Successful Web Video Marketing In 2009

The Keys For Successful Web Video Marketing In 2009


The Keys For Successful Web Video Marketing In 2009

The key factor of successful web video marketing is the ability to get your target audiences’ emotion and feeling, whether hate, love, sadness, happiness, desirousness, greed, empathy or conceit. Strong opinions are imperative, a willingness to show your ideas. And the most important thing is total commitment to your strategy or make closest to your heart and your soul.


Features of a Successful Web Video Marketing Campaign

How will you know if your marketing campaign is successful? People will sit-up, listen and take notices of what your video is saying with required feeling. Avoid the idea of being unbiased and objective, with the goal of pleasing everybody. Identify and then completely focus on your target group or if you have not other choice- choose other ways to show your objectivity.


Be Different

Being or doing something different always gets the attention and even more so if it’s in the form of a surprises. Want people to notice your product or service? Do something different and unexpected. Steer clear from “we have the best product” strategy, it’s plain boring and worn-out, as well as the cool, hip and fashionable approach. It’s also recommended that you avoid copycat web video marketing campaigns.


Appearing Desperate

Rule number one- never ever try to hard. Trying to hard creates an illusion of sales desperation. Most companies assume that web video marketing comprises of ad sharing between web users – no way! Dated marketing strategies follow product or service promotion, quality of goods showcasing, placement of product on pedestal, supermodels or celeb endorsement, approach and fail terribly with little to no success! What you need is a proper storyline for your web video marketing campaign. Put yourself, product and business on the back-burner for a while and focus on the creation of a fantastic storyline. It is however important to give consideration to the product and your business were it’s due but not all the attention.


Continue the Story

Once you’ve achieved your goals in terms of target audience video views, creation of necessary emotion and tickled viewer curiosity with tons of unexpected twists in your storyline… The next step- keep emotions flowing by taking your web video marketing campaign to the next level. It’s imperative that you get viewers complete attention.


What now?

No time to site back and relax now. Once the potential clients or consumers have viewed the video you need to adapt a pro-active approach, and the best ways is to give viewers more of what they want- create web video sequels.


Sequel types

Sequel types include follow-up movie creation with same concepts as first in mind of course, behind the scenes peek or the making of, flops, progress blogs, freebies, competitions or a combo of all of the above.



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