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The Stylish HTC Sensation Has A Handy Skype App For Low Cost Videocalls

The HTC Sensation is well known for its versatility. In this article I will look at how you can use it to make free video calls using the popular Skype app which is available for download in the Android Market.

The Stylish HTC Sensation Has A Handy Skype App For Low Cost Videocalls


The Stylish HTC Sensation Has A Handy Skype App For Low Cost Videocalls

What Is Skype?

The Stylish HTC Sensation Has A Handy Skype App For Low Cost Videocalls

Skype is the increasingly popular communications application which allows users to make face to face video calls with devices with a front facing camera such as the web can on a laptop, or the front facing camera on a tablet like the Apple iPad 2 or smartphones like the HTC Sensation.


How Does It Work?
Using either a 3G or Wi-Fi connection, users can make low cost or even free (data charges may apply to 3G calls) video calls to friends and family all over the world. Because it uses an internet connection to transfer data, the usual call charges do not apply. Therefore, users can make substantial savings on calling abroad.


Who Is It For?

Skype has many applications. Indeed, it can be used to replace a normal phone call with friends and family in the same country; however it is very popular among people who are travelling or on holiday. Making standard phonecalls to countries like Australia can become extremely expensive from countries like the UK. However, with a laptop webcam, or a smartphone like the HTC Sensation (with its front facing camera) users can take advantage of the technology the Skype app offers.


How Do I Use It On A Smartphone?

If you have a smartphone like the HTC Sensation, simply visit the Android Market, and search for Skype, or alternatively look in the top free apps section where at the time of writing it is currently number 2, illustrating its popularity. Once you have downloaded and installed it, you are required to create a free account which only takes a couple of minutes by following the on screen instructions. You can then search for friends and family with their user names, and create your own lists of contacts. Once you have selected a contact, you can start a video call and they will then be notified.


As you can see, the Skype app has a number of advantages over traditional phone calls. Its low cost, interactive video calls and ease of use go a long way to explain it popularity. If you or a loved one is planning on going on holiday or travelling, Skype is an essential download. It is available for most major smartphone platforms such as Android and iOS, so many people can benefit from it.


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