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The use of badge clips

Badge clips mainly serve in lieu of lanyards which restrict the position of placing the ID cards. With the lanyards the ID card can be flaunted round the neck only but a badge clip can be used to place in anywhere in your apparel. Badge clips are very versatile as these can be clipped on the pocket or on the lapels or on the front button holes of the shirt or coat or any dress that you flaunt. Badge clips also can be fixed to the belt loops of trousers.

There are many kinds of badge clips available in the market. There are simpler versions are just safety-pins that are attached to the plastic badge holder. These are cheaper substitutes. The safety pin can be pinned anywhere in your apparel to make the ID card visible to the security personnel in any particular venue. There is also a badge clip which is equipped with a swivel motion and the ID card attached to these can be turned a full 360 degrees for proper scrutiny when these badge clips are being used. Some badge clips are costly like teethed jaws that can hold the fabric of the pocket or lapel with ultimate security. Another type of badge clips is equipped with more than one loop to attach more than one object. These badge clips are capable of holding an ID card and something more too, like a pen or a light-weighed key or a whistle.

The badge clips have similar purposes like lanyards which prevent loss of the ID cards and hence it has to be taken care to buy a right badge clip for the specific use. Most badge clips which have to be used literally everyday are made of good quality stainless steel and is equipped with small pincer shaped holders with teeth on them. The arms of the pincers are kept in a much closed shape by the help of a spring. The arms are wide open when the holders of the badge clips are pressed and you can fix the badge on the pocket or lapel by releasing the holder after the fabric is very well in the grasp of the pincer arms. This ensures to keep the ID card secure in its place and it will also prevent it from falling off or get lost unless specifically removed by the user herself.

The quality and cost of the badge clips depends completely upon what is the period of its use. If the ID card has to be worn only a single time for a conference or a meeting or for entrance into a trade fair or some such special occasion, the badge clips need not be very strong and durable. But if the ID cards have to be worn everyday on the pockets for the time like the employees in the office or in a factory, the badge clips have to be strong enough, long lasting and obviously it comes with a bigger price tag.


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