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Tracking social media efforts and Statistics

Would not you like to know if they were doing something wrong in the media, so you can stop wasting your time and start to create compelling content online that produce tangible results? Well, the best way to know if you’re doing something wrong is by tracking your efforts over the media and the organization of their results so that you can see where we are seeing success and we are seeing poor performance. When you select the ineffective patterns, you can begin to make changes and develop models of work at all times and at all times.

Here are five steps to follow up their efforts to social media and organizing them:

Step 1: Choose a departure date to start tracking your efforts. (Hint: Start today, and not put it off any longer!)

Step 2: Create a social calendar publishing media.

Similar to a blog editorial calendar, a calendar social media will help you plan the various positions in social networks, at various times during the day. When you have time and the variables subject rather than on paper, you can begin to see patterns and develop an understanding of what works and what does not.

A good way to manage their social media efforts is by creating an editorial calendar of each week. This should not take much time and help during the week when you superbusy and have no time to sit and think about what your next post media approaches.

Step 3: Follow the calendar.

If you are not disciplined and stick to your schedule of social networks, the results are not accurate. Therefore, you will not be able to extract any data pattern.

Step 4: Create a spreadsheet tracking.

We love to use Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to track and organize our efforts in social media. With a spreadsheet, you can view statistics to see what day become the most successful and which days have decreased activity.

Create a spreadsheet of the media is easy. Make a section for each of their social networking profiles in your spreadsheet and create custom columns for each profile.

For example, if you track Twitter, Twitter create a section of the worksheet and label the columns: date, number of retweets, number of messages, number of followers, and additional notes. The track of all your Twitter data in the column. The next week, mark your results below the results of last week. Do you see an increase in retweets? Or maybe you see a decrease?

Continue the process for a month and see what day it gave most of the activity. You may begin to notice interesting patterns. For example, you may find that when you post every Tuesday at 9:20 pm will receive the largest number of followers retweet. This is an indication that you want to continue Twitter every Tuesday at 9:20 pm Then, try to Twitter every Wednesday at 9:20 pm Maybe you’ll realize that nobody retweets your posts Wednesday night. Then, experiment with other times.

Step 5: Make changes to your schedule reads as follows.

The main variables publication you want to keep an eye on include the dates / times, themes, and writing messages. When you begin to notice increasing numbers, continue whatever you want to do to get this data. When you begin to see your stats drop, change the variables to see if the problem is. And do not forget to always track the changes.

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