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Usb Media Player

USB media player is the best multimedia player on the market. This new and latest version adds three major features to the previous model. To connect the device to your home network, it also has a LAN port and an optical audio connection so you can hook it into your home theatre receiver and the maximum resolution has been bumped from 1080i to 1080p. To view content in near high definition quality, add plug and play convenience. You can easily share home-made videos, popular YouTube clips, favorite MP3 songs, and prized photos on the big screen with family and friends with the help of new USB media player. The people who buy TVs without USB ports then SMP-U10 will be a handy addition that makes watching videos off the computer much more convenient. This player is simple and fuss-free playback of content in near high definition quality on TV.

Through HDMI connection, you will get 1080p up-scaling video output. USB media player supports flash drives, hard disks, Walkman MP3 players, and Cyber-shot digital cameras. It is also compatible with an extensive list of playback formats like DivX / MP3 / WMA/ LPCM / AAC/ MPEG1, 2, 4 / VOB / VRO / JPEG. You can quickly and easily add an SD/MMC slot and USB port to your TV with this unit so you can use your memory cards or external HDD to watch digital multimedia on your living room or bedroom television. This is a device which is ideal for regular folk, eliminating the need for any IT knowledge in order to get file to play on your TV. Even, you are able to turn your TV into a large-format personal digital photo frame and share your JPEG photos with family and friends on your TV screen. You will get your usual HDMI and Component inputs on the back of the player.

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