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Video Conferencing And How It Can Help The Construction Industry

At 10 percent of the world’s GDP, the Construction Industry represents millions of employees collaborating on projects worth billions of dollars across the globe. With so much to coordinate (and at such a global scope), it’s no wonder that Video Conferencing usage is quickly growing in the Construction Industry sector.

Project complexity made easy:

With so many moving parts in construction projects, the need for clear, concise and actionable communication has never been more important. That’s why conferencing can be a terrific asset for the this major industry.

Unlike telephones, Video Conferencing allows users to see each other face-to-face. Now meetings are just like “being there”, rather than losing the subtleties that occur in phone conversations.

The result is communication that’s faster and more accurate for everyone involved.

Bringing people together and cutting delays:

Construction projects are constantly grappling with delays; and with employees spanning the globe, solutions can be time-intensive and slow – the experts must be identified, flown in, work with each other to find solutions, and then implement their findings.

Video Conferencing can speed up the construction workflow considerably, which means fewer delays and more productivity. With video, people interact with each other just like they’re “there”, and miscommunication becomes much less of a concern. Instead, people can work together, no matter where they are on the globe, to find proactive solutions to problems.

Easing economic constraints:

All companies keep a close eye on the bottom line, but none more than the construction sector. While projects become larger and larger, the need to rein in costs becomes equally important. That’s why video can be an excellent asset for this industry: rather than having to transport professionals to different work sites, video can help them communicate globally while working locally. This saves thousands in air, car and rail travel, hotels, car rentals, meals and much more. And when you multiply these savings by dozens of people, it really adds up!

The impact on work-life balance is also a great advantage to conferencing by video. Employees get to spend more time sleeping in their own beds, rather than living in hotel room to hotel room. This means happier (but equally productive) employees, and better quality of life!

In conclusion:

The Construction Industry faces its fair share of challenges in the future, and the central one will be making communication as easy as possible. Travel is challenging, time consuming, and hard on the traveler; and as construction projects become more and more global in scope, travel will continue to lose its appeal as a good communication choice.

Instead, Video Conferencing can be an excellent way of improving communications today for a strong communication infrastructure tomorrow…and beyond!

David Morris is the Managing Partner of Vesta Networks, a Canadian company offering fast, easy and reliable conferencing at great rates. Services include Teleconferencing, Video Conferencing and Web Conferencing.

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