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Video Conferencing Industry Is Entering A Stage Of Micro

HC intelligent home network   2009 financial crisis, “push”, the national video conference rental and operation of the industry once again usher in a wave surge of development. This is the SARS incident, the domestic video conferencing market ushered in another major development opportunities, but also video conferencing software products, particularly leasing usher in a major strategic opportunity for development. Financial crisis on low-cost operation of enterprises seeking to form visible on the remote video conferencing products, great rigidity requirements.

It is understood that, in 2009, major domestic software enterprises rental video conferencing, network action, V2 and so most of them were nearly double the market growth. From the industry perspective, the market sales increased although not outstanding, but the market trend is very clear. Coupled with the early operation of our business platform and R & D spending as early as 2009 had been put before the most, so in 2009 the video conference rental industry is a “great harvest.”

Software leasing model is a typical video conferencing products after the first output of the industry input. Sheng-dimensional domestic famous enterprises that without a stable platform, reliable network of quality resources, leasing is not only impossible to develop a scale, but might be for the poor quality of service, smashed his own brand. It is because of the particularity of this aspect of the industry in the early stages of leasing business is booming, major enterprise hardware and software resources and supporting basic research and development has been completed portion of the resources, has a good foundation for the operation. When the market began a large-scale development, that is, when the harvest industry.

Face meetings in major video rental service platform vendors an early improvement is reflected in how competition in the market as a key point of difference.

Can not form a real difference in price

Although the market competition is indeed part of the difference comes from the price factor, but other companies do not consider dynamic network of factors is of decisive significance. Evidently, the leasing cost of each point about 50 100 yuan a large screen. There will be about double the highest and lowest differences. However, in order to lease 100 units in an enterprise computing, the overall cost is not high, nor more than or less than the customer’s psychological price. Low price mainly to attract some of the more micro-clients only. Industry generally believe a certain strength for medium-sized customers, the current video conferencing rental services, the price difference does not affect the ultimate customer choice. Even domestic companies ranking among the top few brands, most prices are more than 90 yuan, remained the same.

Product platform is not the same, but experience in narrowing the gap

The current rental market is not only video conferencing software, not form much of the product price difference, or even the product itself is also very difficult to form a decisive competitive differentiation. Underlying technology, manufacturers can meet a lot of basic business mainstream parallel operation stability and reliability. In the encoding, decoding and transmission areas of technical ideas even if different, but can form a good application effect. The client then has the IE, FLASH, and self-contained package developed in three ways.

IE is characterized by the client not to install, just a link you can join the video conference, almost all processes running on the server. FLASH download or use of features, although not installed, but need to download. The technology also has a very good user experience, with IE as the client does not need any professional knowledge can be applied. Custom program using the client, it needs to download and install. But the current thinking is most of the program development function on the server, but just a few features need to run locally. Client installation and maintenance very simple, ordinary person would use the basic computer can do it.

In addition, the use of customized client approach is conducive to the security of the entire system. Experience in the application, the rental video conferencing software products simplify the combined emphasis on client humanity. More streamlined design. Even need to download and install, the better the existing network environment and will not delay too much time. And as business users can often be deployed in a centralized way to maintain systematic. Solutions to different clients is difficult for most users the absolute nature of the formation of product variations.

Different services and features is more important, the success of the details set

Video conferencing software operations to another significant feature is the area available to customers with a comprehensive plan to try. Trial process is very low cost both sides. Therefore, the use of the effect is not customer satisfaction as a client relationship can win

Key. Present, the main operating companies are targeting customers and trial processes and careful service. Even including the conference organization, conference call services will be in the form of added value products reflected in service inside. A well-known brands, many of the trial period customers may have little understanding of the system, this time to help customers familiar with the system as quickly and successfully is very important in hands-on teaching customers how to use, that is a value-added services, but also reflects customer care.

In addition, video conferencing systems to meet the basic functionality, video conferencing companies have also stressed that more coordination office. For example, the virtual whiteboard feature meetings, office file sharing. Even video conferencing systems in all aspects of the desktop to the office and timely communication systems development, which focuses on meeting and communication, emphasizing the desktop-class application services and functions compatible. Function increases, the system refinement, service upgrades, as the video conference system rental business marketing process of the different manufacturers are particularly important elements. Nuance, through continuous feedback, improvement and accumulation are likely to be an important element in the gap between systemic experience.

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