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Video Marketing for Small Local Business. Benefits of Video Marketing for Small businesses

Video Marketing for Small Local Business. Benefits of Video Marketing for Small businesses

Video Marketing For Small Local Business. Benefits Of Video Marketing For Small Businesses

Video Marketing for Small Local Business works. Benefits for Small businesses of Video Marketing.
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Video Marketing For Small Local Business. Benefits Of Video Marketing For Small Businesses

You might be resisting using video to market your business, but video marketing for small businesses has become a very effective strategy for those who have embraced it. Times have changed my friends, and it’s time to add video to your content marketing repertoire.
Did you know that YouTube is the second most popular site on the web? You read that right! Youtube is second only to Google in the most visited sites on the web.

Video Marketing For Small Local Business. Benefits Of Video Marketing For Small Businesses

Video can be a great tool to enhance and improve your Social Media Marketing, Website Design, Email Marketing, and any of your other marketing channels.
• 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool.
• The average person watches more than an hour and a half of online video content per day. (In other words, people love watching and engaging with video online.)
• 76% of marketers say video has helped them increase sales and traffic.
• Increase Brand Awareness. They’re great at connecting with people and helping them get to know your brand. With the right video content and marketing strategy, your brand can spread like wildfire.
Increase Online Presence. Video marketing can increase your online presence by making your content more engaging and easier to consume.
Reveals Personality. As humans, we hate interacting with robots. Often times a brand remains anonymous to our eyes because we see very little human representation. Video eliminates this barrier.
Boost Social Media Engagement. Everyone posts images or writes articles on social media, but how do you stand out from everyone else? By creating engaging videos. Nearly everyone posts images or writes articles on social media, but how do you stand out from everyone else? By creating engaging videos.
It Builds Trust. Videos connect you and your audience in a more personal way compared to other forms of content.
Video Can Be Inexpensive To Produce. Set a budget – you don’t want the branding video for your company looking like a home video.

The ultimate benefit of video marketing for small businesses is creating sales. Via brand awareness, online presence, branding, engagement and building trust.

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Business video marketing is only growing in importance as people spend more and more time online and prefer to consume video content. If you’re looking to get started on YouTube, download our eBook “Getting Started on YouTube” (http://bit.ly/YTStart).

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Video Marketing In 2018 Continues To Explode As Way To Reach Customers

About this video:
There are many benefits for businesses to create videos to promote their business online instead of using other types of content such as blog posts, images, and podcasts. Business video marketing is the future of online marketing so don’t get left behind. Here are 13 reasons why you should start creating videos for your business.
1. It’s not as expensive as you think. You can start creating videos with your phone, use free video editing software on your computer or phone. You may want to invest in a microphone, some lights, and a tripod.
2. You don’t need any special skills. You don’t need to be an actor or have great public speaking skills. It’s a skill you can develop over time. The important thing is to start recording and you’ll get better with each video.
3. Video is the best way to tell a story. By using both imagery and audio, you can effectively tell your story. It’s easier to convey emotion and captivate an audience through video.
4. Build trust. If someone sees you explain something over video, they look you in the eyes and feel like they get to know you by watching your videos.
5. People prefer video content to any other type of content.
6. More focused/undivided attention. According to a survey by HubSpot, people are much more focused when consuming video content where they tend to skim or multitask while consuming blog posts or podcasts.
7. Information retention – viewers retained 95% of video content while only 10% of a written message.
8. Better SEO – Search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo) rank websites higher if they contain video content. It is 50 times more likely you will be on the first page of Google if your website contains video.
9. People spend 88% more time on websites with videos.
10. Educate customers with video. VIdeo is an amazing way to educate current and potential customer about your business and its products and services. We strongly believe businesses should give +51% with its customers and potential customers. Think of the top questions your potential customers have and create videos answering those questions.
11. Improved email marketing – If you include the word “video” in the subject of an email it is 7-13% more likely to be opened. Also, if you include a video preview image in your email, it will have double the click-through-rate (CTR).
12. Show up more in social feeds. Especially on Facebook and Instagram where they show users the most relevant content, if you post videos instead of other types of content the social networks will show your posts to more people.
13. YouTube. If you create videos, you can post them on YouTube. The 2nd largest search engine after Google. There are over 1.5 billion users and it is available in 76 languages. People of all ages are on YouTube. Your customers are spending time on YouTube being entertained or searching for information. The powerful thing about YouTube specifically is that if you create content that people are searching for, your content will show up every day for days, months and years after the content is created because it will show up in search results and suggested videos.

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