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Video Marketing Template  for all your Videos

Video Marketing Template for all your Videos

Use this FREE template for your all of your marketing videos.

The Opening – Grab the viewer’s attention.

Use humour, surprising, urgency
Start with a provoking question or statement
Visually interesting, graphics, sound effects

State clearly what the problem the viewer has and how you will solve it.

The Hook. Give the viewer something that will entice them to watch the whole video. Is there a bonus free gift?


Once you have given the viewer the reason to commit to watching your video, use this period to brand your business. Use an animated logo intro that is visually enticing and positions your brand in a positive place. But the intro should not be longer than 5 seconds or you risk losing your viewer. This is especially vital if the viewer sees a number of your videos in succession.

The Content
Remind the viewer what you are going to tell them and emphasise the benefits they will receive from watching your video and how it will it solve their problem.

Now is the time to deliver your promise and present your content.

Break up your content into logical bite-sized pieces; a step by step format so that they can easily follow and remember.

Limit your video to 5 or 6 key points. If you have more points that need to covered, then consider a part 2 or even a series of videos.

This section is where you hold nothing back. Share your best content. If you’re thinking of leaving your best stuff until right at the end, you may be left with no-one to share with.

The Conclusion
Once you have completed your points, summarise your key points and the benefits your viewer will gain by following them.
Call to Action
For all marketing videos, this is the most important section of the video. After all , this is why you made the video in the first place. The CTA is directly related to your objective. Do you want to increase brand awareness, build a relationship, increase your mailing list, introduce a product or service?

To achieve your objective, you will need to tell your viewer what you want them to do.
• Subscribe to your video channel
• Provide feedback in the comments section
• “Like” your video
• Share your video with friends and colleagues
• Visit your website
• Sign up for a webinar
• Download a white paper or ebook

At the end of the day, it’s the number of conversions that will determine the success or otherwise of your video.

Gerry Tacovsky
Video Marketing Producer
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