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Web 2.0 Social Media Marketing For Chiropractors

Marketing trends are rapidly changing when it comes to chiropractic marketing. Most chiropractors are still relying on outdated strategies to get new patients in the door and build a stable practice. As a business consultant to chiropractors around the world, it has become apparent to me that by far the best way to market a chiropractic practice is happening on the internet.

In particular, web 2.0 and social media marketing is the new wave of building a lucrative chiropractic practice. Never before has it been so easy to attract high quality patients, using virtually free marketing strategies that are aimed at making authentic connections through effective education.

This is the way social media marketing works. No longer do people find it acceptable to be sold to; they want to make a connection with you first before they are told about your services. Websites like Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook give you an opportunity to promote your business through developing solid relationships with people in your local community.

If you are spending a lot of money on display advertising, direct mailings, or yelllow page ads and you aren’t seeing the results you’d like, I highly recommend that you put your focus on social media marketing to build your chiropractic practice. Starting shooting videos and putting them up on Youtube. Build a large following on Twitter. Start a blog and educate people about what you do.

Most importantly, make the investment in a cutting edge, beautiful website that showcases your expertise and becomes a lead generating machine for your chiropractic practice week in and week out. Your website will serve as the hub of all your marketing efforts when you use these strategies, so you want one that conveys quality and expertise.

This is the new wave of chiropractic marketing. Those clinging to the old ways of marketing will be left behind.

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