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We’re a video marketing company? What does that even mean? Video marketing puts your message in front of the perfect audience. We get our kicks by putting your videos on page 1 of Google and YouTube. You heard me right, page 1.

Video marketing is so important because you can get your message across quickly to your audience. Instead of just using text, video marketing allows you to use text, video, images, sound, emotion and more to make sure your point reaches and impacts your audience.

This can help you create a better face for your company as well as a better online experience for them. And when the customer is king, you want to make sure you are doing everything you can to make sure they remember you.

So you’ve got a great message and video, how exactly do we get it to page 1 and your target audience? That’s easy with a little something called SEO. So what is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which helps in ranking your videos. If you’re video or website is on page 5 of Google, no one is going to find you. We all know the only people searching past page 1 are desperate college students. So by filling your content full of keywords you can increase your chances of popping up on page 1.

Are you lost in Google? We can help rescue you with our amazing video marketing techniques.

Video marketing is simple and effective, yet so many companies aren’t doing it!

Here’s 5 steps to how it works.

1. Create a video that’s engaging. Something that your viewers will love to watch and will pay attention to. Don’t be boring.

2. Make sure the video is customized for the platform. Don’t take a video meant for television and place it onto YouTube.

3. Find your target audience. Make sure you are putting your ads in front of your audience. Don’t place your ads on videos that your demographic will not be watching. If you’re an insurance agency, don’t place your ad on a children’s music channel.

4. Track your viewers. Serve up more ads as your viewers move around the Internet. While this can be a little creepy, it’s also effective.

5. Track everything. Make sure your numbers are working out. Learn what does and doesn’t work. Remember we do all of this for one reason, to capture leads and customers.

While some might not get it, we do! Let Yinc Marketing handle your video marketing needs.



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