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What is hampering HTML5 adoption in industry?

After so many years of HTML5’s launch it is still considered as  under developed standard. In present application businesses it is not fully but partially adapted. HTML5 applications programming is still not a common thing. Some of the aspiring HTML5 programmers have started utilizing this web standard into their application to some extent but not fully.What is hampering HTML5 adoption in industry?

According to experts HTML5 apps programming needs its own skill, and it is more tedious than iOS programming. It is because the app developed under HTML5 has to work across websites on various browsers. This leads to the issue of browser fragmentation.    

There is also a problem of distribution of HTML5 applications. For platforms like Android and iOS there are fully loaded separate native app store. But for HTMl5 apps there is no particular app store where users can buy and install. So, we can say distribution is another issue hampering the growth of HTMl5.

Recently, most happening social networking site Facebook began rolling out its HTML5 application catalog and Mozilla also announced its own HTML5 MarketPlace at the end of this year. Google also offers HTML5 apps via its Chrome web store but it is only available on desktops and Android IceCream Sandwich 4.0 systems. Therefore, there is no single multi-platform storefront for HTML5 apps.

As per some developers, payment is also an issue with HTML5 apps programming. In the payment market share, Apple has the maximum share   till now. So, it needs to buck up in this section also.

For HTML5 programmers Freemium model is promoted. It permits user to download app for free but have to pay for buying additional functionality. So, for reaching wide audiences
 developers may embrace this model also.

These all factors states less acceptance of new web standard in the web market. HTML5 undoubtedly proffer very exciting features but still there are some issues binding HTMl5’s popularity.
In-spite of having so many discrepancies it has the potential to give incredible results and web solutions. It is also said that HTML new web standard is future of web.

So, developers must feel encouraged to adopt HTML5 as much as possible in their application to deliver ground breaking and reliable products.