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Why PSD to HTML5 is gaining Popularity?

Website development is all about creating a well structured and web compatible websites. Generally PSD to HTML and PSD to CSS are the most trusted and preferred methods of converting design to HTML. With the advent of HTML5 there is an inclination among website developers to go with PSD to HTML5 conversion. One of the important reasons behind this is the wonderful features offered by HTML5.

Why PSD To HTML5 Is Gaining Popularity?

HTML5 is an advanced version of HTML. It is fast gaining popularity as it is easily accessible by many internet browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Apple, Microsoft and Google chrome. One of the important features of HTML5 is its error handling capability and backward capability. Also, with HTML5 there is no requirement of exigent update to be displayed by most of the browser.

Why PSD To HTML5 Is Gaining Popularity?

HTML5 focuses on semantic coding and it has introduced a number of semantic tags. One of the basic goals of HTML5 is to make the web applications compatible on mobile devices. It also ensures that websites are well understandable by search engines as well as the users. This helps to improve the search engine rankings of a website. This ultimately leads to an increased volume of traffic.

Why PSD To HTML5 Is Gaining Popularity?

HTML5 is a qualitative technique to convert PSD to HTML and this is the reason why it is a big influence in PSD to HTLM5 conversion. A decade ago, web pages were coded in an academic style. However, today there are bunch of new technologies like HTML5 that have made it possible to present the internet content in a stylish manner.

Some of the really interesting features of HTML5 are the figure element, the email inputs, placeholders, local storage, semantic header and footer, hgroup etc. With HTML5, the scripts and links are not necessary. It is implied that both of these tags refer to stylesheets and scripts, respectively. With the help of content editable feature you can edit any of the text contained within the element. There are a variety of uses for something like this, including an app as simple as a to-do list, which also takes advantage of local storage.

Thus with a variety of wide scale new features and a robust system, HTML5 is definitely a better way to convert the PSD design into standard HTML format. It provides reliable and quality results. It ensures that you get a well structured, W3C validated and cross browser compatible website, which can easily run on mobile devices as well. Therefore, it is clear why HTML5 is enjoying such fame and popularity.

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