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Why Use “Mystery” in Video Marketing?

Why Use “Mystery” in Video Marketing?

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Why Use “Mystery” in Your Video Marketing?

Did you know that using a little mystery in your video marketing will help you get more leads and clients? Remember, that when a person finds your marketing video, more than likely they’ve already been looking at several programs. So, what happens is that when you tell the viewer what the name of your program, product or company is, many times they will just click off your video. I know, it’s strange! Why would they click off your video if it’s a great opportunity? Right?? Well, if you tell the viewer the name of your program in your video marketing, something happens in a person’s mind where they say to themselves, “I already know what it is, and I’m not interested.” And, it doesn’t matter whether or not it’s a great program, and if they’ve never seen it before! It has something that has to do with the Reticular Activating System in your brain. (But, that’s another video!) However, here’s a solution. Create MYSTERY in your video marketing!

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What’s your go to for entertainment? If it were 100 years ago, you’d probably be reading a book. If I had to guess for the present time, I’d bet you pick up your phone and start opening Facebook or YouTube. If you’re a true media savant, you may even be watching Netflix on the way to work.

Take note, video isn’t just a form of entertainment anymore. It has dramatically improved business among those who have taken advantage of it in the ads that pop up before a video starts, known as “bumper ads”. Check out these 5 reasons why not having video marketing incorporated into your digital marketing strategy will leave your business stagnant.

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5 Powerful Reason Why Video Marketing Works

1. Online Videos Boost Sales and Conversions
2. Executives Eat Online Videos Up
3. Online Videos Build Trust and Relationships
4. Online Videos Can Convert The Laziest Buyers
5. Online Video Ads Are Easily Accessible

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