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Work Environment 50 Day Video Challenge (day 15)

Work Environment | Productivity

Your work environment can make or break your ability to be highly efficient and productive. How many of us would love to just see what the desk looks like under there? Better yet, who wouldn’t like to work on a project without interruptions just once!? Here are some keys to consider when arranging your work environment:

1.We tend to use time differently in different environments.

In other words, it’s difficult to focus on making phone calls with that “project file” with a deadline sitting on your desk staring at you the entire time. And when was the last time you were able to actually complete a project in the same office space you use to make calls, return emails, and deal with co-workers without having to stop and start multiple times? The point is that it is very difficult to be productive at all your activities in the same environment.

2.Find zones in which you can work that are productive and distraction free.

I often say that my favorite office is Starbucks. That’s because, for some reason, I can plop down my laptop and work for 2 – 3 hours in a completely focused mental state. That’s one of my “zones.” I get more done there than I do for the entire balance of my day.

When you try to do all your activities from one environment, you dilute them. This tactic allows you to be hyper-focused on each task, rather than being semi-focused on many.

There is no magic formula for finding the right place. Try Starbucks, the Library, at home in the morning, taking a drive, or maybe even at the beach or a park. It might even be in the basement or a vacant room at your work place.

This is a lot of fun too. It creates diversity, and can also create momentum. Try different environments to find what works for you. Find a place where you are relaxed completing your task at hand. A relaxed mind is a creative mind, and a creative mind becomes a hyper-productive mind.

3.Utilize this strategy at least a 2 days a week.

Commit to this practice for 2-3 hours each of those days for one month. Try a few places you think might be effective for you, and track your progress with the exact projects in which you are involved. You will see that by manipulating your work environments, you can actually increase your output, and be more content and at peace with your work. Not to mention, you may even be able to make more money!

To Your Success!

Jerry Spangler

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