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Do you lack the time to constantly create high-quality digital marketing content? YouTube video marketing can give any brand a competitive edge in generating more customers. In fact, marketing with video is one of the most effective inbound marketing tactics today.

This problem is now solved with our Premier Expert content marketing package. By producing and distributing tons of quality digital marketing content (videos, blogs, podcasts, etc.) over time, you will become recognized as a Premier Expert and authority within your field.

Imagine if, in one day if we could create six months to a year of digital content. How?

By putting on a full-day event, we will video the whole event and then carefully repackage the entire event into dozens of videos, written blog posts and podcasts. This content would then be “dip fed” to your channels and target audiences over the coming months or even up to a year.

Example: An 8-hour event that is videoed can be split up into 40-50 smaller videos, blog posts and podcasts – all optimized around keywords and topics of interest. Full production of the event, as well as the creation of the videos, written blog posts and podcasts, and their placement on the correct platforms, represents a complete “Done for You” branding-marketing package.

Here’s where our program becomes really exciting. I will demonstrate to you how this same content can then be repurposed into a book, elevating your prestige even further by helping you to become a published author. It is possible to create 6 months to an entire year’s worth of content with only a couple of days of your time. Too good to be true? Well, this is what can now be accomplished with our “Premier Expert” program. My digital marketing program is so unique and powerful, that we are now in discussion with a patent attorney on how to trademark our program.

As a personal branding expert, I know that this program is a complete game changer on how you can brand and market yourself as a Premier Expert. It will leave your competitors wondering why so many people are now turning to you for advice, as well as why you are expanding so fast with new business.

Contact me for a free discovery call to see if we are a right fit for each other. When we do talk, we can discuss prices and further details about this digital marketing program.

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