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YouTube Video Marketing Strategy (2017) for Small Business ideas and Startups in India #makeinIndia

YouTube Video Marketing Strategy (2017) for Small Business ideas and Startups in India #makeinIndia

YouTube Video Marketing Strategy (2017) for Small Business ideas and Startups in India #makeinIndia

YouTube Video marketing strategy 2016 for small business ideas on YouTube
video: Infographics, whiteboard animation.

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YouTube ranks the second highest on search engines and its no secret that video results on google searches are given hugh rankings. Having a good cidei marketing strategy for your YouTubr video can catapult your business towards growth. Most small businesses don’t approach video marketing and production the right way and shortly lose interests. Find an effective video marketing checklist for Yulout YouTubr video thats under 2 minutes. Subscribe and dont’t forget to bookmark this video link to comparr notes when you execute your video marketing campaign.

How does YouTube VIdeo Marketing Strategy for a small business work?

Step #1. Define the aim of your video.
Should it lean towards brand building? Conversions and sales or rather Video shares and links?

Step #2. Identify your target viewers.
How old are there, which country do they live in?
Are they using a mobile or a desktop to access videos?
and What are their interests?

Step #3 What type or category of video does your video come under?
An awareness video about your company or brand.
An explainer video to explain how your service works?
A direct product video or should it be a testimonial video?

Step #4 Build your brand
You want to be visible to your niche audience
Optimise your video titles, description and keywords
Use analytics and tweak your keywords for average or low competition.

Step #5 Conversion
Always add a call to action on your video.
It could be to subscribe to your channel,
Contact you for more information
or to visit your store and make a purchase

Step #6 It’s time to Promote & Share your video
Share your video on social media
Embed it on as many blogs
Use SEO to build links to your video
Purchase YouTube and Facebook ads to promote your video.
Or run a twitter campaign through influencers.
Don’t forget to reach more of your audience through direct mailers and news letters.

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